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Spider Feet & Legs

Spider Feet™ are our exclusive waterproof riding boot covers. This one-of-a-kind design features some great must have benefits for any rider:- Elastic tops that stretch to fit snugly to the leg and prevent slipping while keeping water from getting in.
- Zipper and Velcro straps for a tight fit around the boot making them safe and secure.
- Spider Feet™ come with a waterproof bag and can be stored even while wet, keeping everything else you carry dry!
- Rubber soles ensure great traction and durability so you can enjoy long lasting, worry free waterproof protection.
- Spider Feet™ take up so little space when packed that they will even fit in your saddle bag for storage on the go!Spider’s Promotions is the best place to get these excellent motorcycle rain gear covers. Don’t let rain or the elements make your ride uncomfortable any longer!

Because many customers buy both our Spider Feet™ and Leg Protectors, we have combined the shipping cost schedules for both products. For example if you purchase a pair of Spider Feet™ and a pair of Leg Protectors you get the shipping cost advantage of “2 pair”. If you purchase either Spider Feet™ or Leg Protectors with any other large item we will put the Feet or Protectors in the same box as the larger item so you will save the usual shipping cost of the Feet or Protectors.