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Riding to Sturgis?

Riding to Sturgis?

Riding a motorcycle to Sturgis, SD for the first time?

Generally, the environmental conditions in the eastern to Midwestern US are the same in the summer and are what we are used too with slight temperature and humidity daily changes. However when you cross the Missouri River at Chamberlin, SD. You will notice that there is very little corn and wheat growing because you are in semi arid climate. The daytime temperatures in western SD often reach 100 degrees during the day, and 60 degrees at night. South Dakota is sparsely populated so there is less air pollution, which makes the sky bluer, and more clear at night.

Most motorcycles traveling to Sturgis, SD are heavily loaded with extra gear and as a result put unusual stress on motorcycle tires. It is almost certain you will see a motorcycle alongside I-90 with tire problems. Be sure to have tires with a minimum of 80% tread depth and properly inflated. Remember, the clear skies make the sun brighter and make the road surface hotter; which adds to overloaded tire problems. Always make sure to have the proper maintance done before hitting the road. Being safe, and making sure you arrive with no complications, is the best start to your stay in Sturgis, SD.